Our Coconut Grove and Miami personal trainers create custom workout programs to help you with your weight loss goals, lean muscle gain, or any other goals you may have to achieve your perfect body.

Miami can be a competitive city when it comes to fitness and we live in your neighborhood, so we know what it takes to maintain or attain the look you want. Finding a personal trainer that’s right for you should not be difficult. We provide the best custom personal training, so you can choose from 1-on-1 or private training sessions and group fitness classes. We are the largest 1-on-1 gym in Miami since 2008 and we can accommodate you and your preferences.

We like to keep our state-of-the-art gym small, but convenient for all of your fitness needs. Think of Coconut Grove Health & Fitness as your home gym away from home. This private gym includes a few bonuses—accountability from our professional team, a tracking sheet to track your progress in our personal training program, and even an app!

In addition to personal training, we also have a leading Miami nutritionist on staff. Learn more about our comprehensive nutrition program here.

Learn more about our personal training sessions and group fitness classes and contact us now!